The Federal Supreme Court considered a lawsuit against officials in the Kurdistan Regional Government

The Federal Supreme Court considered a lawsuit against a Minister and director of a directorate in the Kurdistan Regional Government, noting that its jurisdiction is to decide in violation of laws to the constitution, not contradict laws to other laws.

The spokesperson, Ayas Al-Samouk, stated that "the Federal Supreme Court held a session headed by Judge Medhat Al-Mahmoud and the presence of all the member judges, considered a case were the plaintiff has litigate both the Minister of Trade and Industry in the Kurdistan Region, and the director of the trademarks Directorate in the Kurdistan Region / in addition to their job."

Al-Samouk added, "The plaintiff requested the ruling of the illegality and illegitimacy of the registration proceedings of the trademarks conducts by the defendant for violating the provisions of the Trademarks and Commercial Data Law No. (31) of 1957 the amended."

He pointed out that "the court heard the statements of the lawsuit’ parties, and found that its competencies are stipulated in Article (93) of the Constitution and Article (4) of its Law No. (30) of 2005, to examining the appeals raised regard the violation of laws to the constitution and not the appeals raised in violation of laws, to other laws."

Al-Samouk stated that "the Federal Supreme Court, based on the foregoing, decided to reject the lawsuit for the aspect of jurisdiction."