The Federal Supreme Court

New Era

In the name of God, and his guidance.

    Today, a new beam is shining in the path of the Constitutional Judiciary via the website of the Federal Supreme Court ( This website is striving in its new day and shining tomorrow to spread the legal and judicial culture, it’s also specialized in spreading the Constitutional knowledge and let the Iraqi people know more about their rights and commitments which stipulated in the Constitution according to its text and the illustrative memorandum; showing the judicial implementation of these texts and principles it approved by the judgments and the decisions issued and still by the Federal Supreme Court. The Court is sworn to be honest in implementing the provisions of the Constitution in text and core, realizing that it is the first permanent Constitutional Court in Iraq and committed to what the Iraqi approved through a general referendum on the texts and the principles which the Republic of Iraq’s Constitution included in 2005. The Court is very cautious of being independent in its judgments and decisions, interacting with the citizens’ ambitions in a state of constitutional institutions and sovereignty of law; as well as establishing the human values and the principles of human rights.

The media office of the Federal Supreme Court which administrates the Court’s website is heading to thoughts sources and the justice pioneers to contributing in supplying the site with their opinions and researches which definitely support the will of those whom looking for establishing the sovereignty of the Constitution’s provisions and the independence of the judiciary, also the protection of the human rights.

To those, the media office is inviting them to provide it with their writings and will publish it on its pages.

God bless all those who strive to Iraq with the sovereignty of law.