The approval of the accused militant’s principal to execute the arrest order issued against him are not contradicts with the provisions of the Constitution.

  The Federal Supreme Court during its session dated on 14.10.2019 ruled with no contradictions between the provisions of the clauses (2nd) and (3rd) of the article (19) of the military criminal procedure law number (22) for 2016 and the provisions of the articles (19/1st & 3rd & 6th &14) of the Constitution.  

Adjudge with impossibility of those whom suited with a crime against honor or corruption to participate in the elections, even if they were included with amnesty

The Federal Supreme Court ruled that the candidate sentenced by a final judicial decision for a felony or misdemeanor of honor, including cases of financial and administrative corruption, cannot participate in the elections, pointing out that his inclusion in the general amnesty does not negate a characteristic that does not suit the public responsibility to occupy a position in the state.