The Federal Supreme Court receives a 24 constitutional case

The Federal Supreme Court unveiled that it received a 24 constitution case since the beginning of this year, it indicated that some of these cases are related to a challenges against a procedures issued by the Federal authority.

The spokesman of the Court Ayass Al-Samouk said “the Federal Supreme Court had registered since the beginning of this year a 24 constitutional case”

He added “these cases are in the stage of notifications, and will be tried in a public sessions available for all”. Clarifying “the judgments in these cases will be issued according to the constitution and relevant laws”.

He also indicated “the cases received by the Federal Supreme Court are related to a challenges listed on enactments or procedures token by the Federal authorities”.

Worthy to mention, the Federal Supreme Court had announced yesterday that it took decisions in (16) constitutional case within the last month. These decisions ingrained an important constitutional principles which related to the private property and the women’s quota in the Council of the Representatives.