The Federal Supreme Court took a decision in 16 cases within the last month


, the Court had indicated that these decisions ingrained an important constitutional principles which related to the private property and the women’s’    The Federal Supreme Court announced it took decision in 16 cases within the last month quota. The spokesman of the Court Ayass Al-Samouk said “the Federal Supreme Court took a decisions in 16 constitutional cases within the last month, these cases were initiated in the end on the last year”. Al-Samouk added “the Court issued in these cases a judgments and decisions that corresponds to the constitution in text and meaning during a public sessions convened with the attendance of all parties”. He also mentioned “the Court had ingrained in these judgments the constitutional principles to protect the private property and maintain it, as well as the women’s quota in the Iraqi Council of the Representatives, it’s also clarified the legal tasks for the work of hearing and challenges committee in the commission of media and communications”. He also clarified “the Federal Supreme Court took a decisions in these cases related to challenges against the authenticity of the membership for some Representatives, is also issued s judgment related to a challenge listed on an article in the law of army manufacturing law No. (25) For 2019”.