More than a 280 thousand visitors for the Federal Supreme Court website within the last six months

The Federal Supreme Court had confirmed that there is increasing in the number of visits of its website ( It also indicated that many updates were added to the site recently, as well as it unveil a new plan to add more services to enrich the researchers, in both legal and judicial affairs.

The spokesman of the Court Ayass Al-Samouk said “the website of the Federal Supreme Court had a several additions within the last six months”. He added “the most distinguished additions is updating the chapter of legal and constitutional principles in the judgments and decisions issued by the Federal Supreme Court (caboodle), also the chapter of Iraqi gazette archive had been added. This archive represent a memory of all enactments titles which issued after 2003”. He also pointed “there is a new plan in process to add more electronic services to enrich the specialists and researchers with the legal and constitutional information, this may facilitate the method of getting these information directly”. He emphasized “within the last six months, the number of the website visitors had reached (280.457), while in the same time the visitors had reached (42.043)”.

Al-Samouk clarified “the number of readable of the website had reached (23.76) pages, and the time spent by the visitor for the Federal Supreme Court had reached (4.07) minutes”.

Al-Samouk confirmed “the times which most visitors browse the website is between 1 afternoons to 1 antemeridian. The peak time is concentrated between 2 afternoons to 10 past meridian, in the days Thursday, Friday and Saturday”. “The news and the important decisions has a special interest for all visitors, researchers and concerned in both legal and constitutional affairs”. He spoke about “most visitors of the website after Iraq are from (Russian Federation, United States of America, Sweden, France, Egypt, Great Britain, Denmark, Germany, Turkey, Canada, Lebanon, Jordan, Poland, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, India, South Africa, Japan, Malaysia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Ukraine and Iran”. He also talked about “increasing number of visitors via the smart devices, such as (smart phones and tablets) which working with (Android) or (IOS) in addition to the regular visitors which using desktops”.

He mentioned “most viewed subjects were the decisions of the Federal Supreme Court, news, articles, legal and constitutional principles listed in the decisions and the judgments issued by the Federal Supreme Court, as well as the book of Judiciary in Iraq”. Finally “most downloaded files within the above-mentioned period was the book of Judiciary in Iraq, then the decision number (103/federal/2019) and the decision number (118/federal/2015). After that, the legal and constitutional principles which listed in the judgments and the decisions issued by the Federal Supreme Court. Lastly the decision number (72/federal/2017)”.