The Federal Supreme Court issues a printed volume that collects its decisions and judgment for Fifteen years

 An acknowledgment effort that enriches the legal library.

The Federal Supreme Court issues a printed volume that collects its decisions and judgment for Fifteen years.

(Al-Zaman) had received a copy of the latest release from the Federal Supreme Court which includes its decisions and judgments for the period since 2005 when the Iraqi Constitution had been approved and till 2020. They were more than two-thousand decisions and judgments. Judge Medhat Al-Mahmood the President of the Court said (Iraqi constitutional enlightenment)  that the new release is co-existing with the 15th anniversary of establishing the Court which regarded the first constitutional judicial Court after the independence of Iraq. He indicated that this volume includes (the most important constitutional and legal principles in two-thousand and a half decision and judgment issued by the Court during its career which was and still is surrounded by risks, difficulties, and obstacles. The Court was keen to make the constitutional judicial experience in Iraq successful and to enhance the soveriengty of law, besides to participate in building the constitutional foundations and converting the constitution’s texts for 2005 to a path of Republican Federal democratic regime which guarantees the unity of Iraq, its independence and sovereignty).

Al-Mahmood confirms (the Federal Supreme Court in its sixteenth year is looking forward honestly and independently to achieve its message and mission drawn by the Constitution and the law). As loyalty for the court’s members, the new volume had published a group picture for the incumbent and auxiliary members of the Court, while it depends on an easy structure for the researchers and learners that includes the decisions and judgments according to an index starting with the constitutional challenge, interpretation, and the nature of each decision and judgment if it’s litigation, competence, status or miscellaneous.

It also granted a space for the decisions of the ICR members replacement, the elections of the governorate councils, the authenticity of the ICR membership, and approving the final results of the general elections in addition to the cassation court decisions and the federal decisions, as well as the challenges according to the governorates law and the practicing of the Federal Supreme Court according to the article 93/8th of the constitution.

A historical document

This volume considered a historical and acknowledgment indispensable document presents for the specialists and the barristers an outgrowth for the visions and the jurisprudence of the Federal Supreme Court by depending on the deep quiet dialogue. This matter returns to the experience of the court’s members, in addition to the experiments and the decisions of the Arabic and foreign courts and constitutional councils in similar cases. Take into consideration all social, political, and economical sides in the country without being away from the spirit of the constitution and its texts.

This book considered an addition to emphasizing the constitution culture, and to spread the principle of respecting the jurisprudence and the listed items in the highest levels of the legal references in the modern century. It also enriches the legal library with very useful reference, its significance getting double by times and centuries.  A positive step was recorded for the benefit of the legal department in the Court.