The Federal Supreme Court take a decision against the President of the Government and the Minister of the Interior

    The Federal Supreme Court tried a case initiated against the Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior, and rejected it. The Court confirmed, none of its jurisdiction to take a decision in the administrative orders.

The spokesman of the Court Ayass Al-Samouk said “the Federal Supreme Court had convened a session headed by the Justice Madhat Al-Mahmoud with the attendance of all members. The Court tried a case for a number of plaintiff who litigates the Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior/ being in their capacity”.

Al-Samouk added “the plaintiffs requested from the Court to void a divan orders issued by the Cabinet, these orders are related to refers them to pension for reasons weren’t mentioned in the petition of the case”.

He pointed to “the agents of the plaintiffs attended the session, in addition to the agent of the first defendant the Prime Minister/ being in this capacity and the agent of the second defendant the Minister of the Interior/ being in this capacity. The Court listened to their sayings”.

Al-Samouk clarified “the Court found that the challenged divan orders are representing an administrative orders according to the administrative law criteria from the office which issued it and its entity, while the law determined a method to challenge these orders but not before the Federal Supreme Court. The Court’s jurisdictions are determined by the articles (93) of the Constitution and article (4) of its law. Therefore, the Court decided to reject the case for lack of jurisdiction”.