The Federal Supreme Court rejected the appeal against the formation of the constitutional amendment committee

The Federal Supreme Court heard the appeal against the formation of a committee in the Council of Representatives to amend the constitution, and decided to reject it.

Ayas al-Samouk, the court's spokesperson stated, "The Federal Supreme Court held a session headed by Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud and the presence of all the member judges, and examined a case in which the plaintiff has litigate the Speaker of Parliament, in addition to his position."

Al-Samouk added, "The plaintiff appealed the decision of the Council of Representatives issued on 28.10.2019, which includes the formation of a committee to conduct constitutional amendments, for the reasons mentioned in the case petition."

"The Federal Supreme Court listened to the statements of the plaintiff's agents and the agents of the defendant, and found that the formation of the committee came in accordance with the provisions of Article (142/1st) of the Constitution." He pointed out.

Al-Samouk stated that, "According to the foregoing, the court found that the plaintiff's case was not based on a substantiation of the constitution or the law, and accordingly, the court decided to eject it."