The Federal Supreme Court reveals its rulings regarding education

The Federal Supreme Court announced the issuance of provisions related to education, noting it has rejected a request to repeal loans for teachers and educators, and to establish a constitutional law that provides funds for building schools and kindergartens.

The court's spokesperson, Ayas al-Samouk, stated “The Federal Supreme Court’s judiciary during the past year has considered lawsuits related to education, and issued a decision to equity lecturers, and the necessity of calculating their service during the duration of the lectures, because that represents fair recompense for their efforts”.

Al-Samouk noted that, “the Federal Supreme Court has rejected a request to repeal the allocation of plots and loans for teachers, educators, supervisors and educational guiders and considered it as their right that cannot be repealed”.

Al-Samouk continued, "The Federal Supreme Court established the constitutional principles regarding equality between public and private education, and rejected the submitted challenge against a law that provides funds for building schools and kindergartens, stating that this would assist in the process of free education. "